To activate this feature go to Settings > Goals > Activate. Once activated, you will find it at Home > Goals. 

Creating goals

Add a new goal via the + button, choose a type - individual, department or company - and start defining the details. Set a due date if necessary, and add every employee involved. Last but not least, choose the best way to track your progress: key results or progress bar.

  • PROGRESS BAR : The progress bar allows you to save every progress on a scale from 0 - 100%.
  • KEY RESULTS : Based on the OKR style, key results can be marked as done after finishing a certain task.

Publishing your progress

Each step closer to the goal can be saved by posting updates, marking key results as done, or moving the progress tracker forward.

Editing and deleting goals

If there is a change necessary, click on [...] > Edit and adapt the goal. To delete the goal permanently click on [...] > Delete.