To view your company structure set up the org chart

The org chart will be built based on the 'Reports to' field inside the personal data of every employee. For everyone, the supervisor will be put on top, which creates a new level.


The org chart will also help you to visualize the status of certain employees inside the app. If they are active, inactive, with a termination date or have a start date, it will be shown with an additional label. Based on your assigned profile, there is different information shown. 

Org Chart visibility

Depending on your assigned profile, you can see different information in the org chart. Employees with a future start date as well as ones with a termination date can be shown with a label adding the corresponding date. If you have access to the confidential section of other employees, you will have the 'Admin view’, otherwise known as the 'Employee view':

Admin view:

Employee view:

Assistant role

Employees with an assistant role can be shown with an additional icon on their card to identify them easier, as they will be in most cases on a C-level next to the head of departments. To enable it, just go to this person's profile and click the checkbox 'assistant role'.

Show selection

You can also use markers to differentiate your employees by company, office or department. Everyone then gets a colored mark on top of the card. These views can be saved and used later. To change the sorting in a specific group you can choose between sort by name, company, department or office.


To save your company org chart just click Export and it will be saved as a .svg file.