In Kenjo, the status of an employee falls under the following categories: 

  • Active: Includes employees who are currently active and using their accounts
  • Not activated: Includes employees who have not activated their accounts yet
  • Deactivated: Includes employees whose accounts have been deactivated 

The information on employee status is available under the following modules:

  • People > Directory
  • People > Attendance summary
  • Time off > Company

People > Directory

Grid view

Under People > Directory, you can view the employee status when you set Sort by to Active/Not activated/Deactivated

List view

Under People > Directory, you can view the employee status under the column Status

You can also apply filters based on Employee status in this view. 

People > Attendance summary

Under People > Attendance summary, you can apply filters to view attendance summary based on employee status. 

Time off > Company

Under Time off > Company, you can apply filters to view Time off related information of Not activated and Deactivated employees. 

When the above filters are selected, you will be able to see a separate section at the bottom for Not activated/Deactivated employees with their status.