Kenjo's user testing program

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Feedback shapes everything we do at Kenjo

Join our user testing program, and lend your voice so that we can make Kenjo better for you and your team.

As part of this program, you will be invited to test Kenjo products and features, and discuss your unique experiences and needs.

Each session is different. In a nutshell, the sessions will be conducted in either one of these formats:

  • Remote one-to-one feature testing sessions: test prototypes of new features and share feedback on what works and what doesn't

  • Remote one-to-one product interview sessions: share your current experience about Kenjo  - the good, bad and ugly

  • Surveys: answer some questions about your experiences and preferences related to existing and new Kenjo products 

Research topicDescription
Attendance and time-tracking functionality

Hello! We are currently doing research on the time tracking and attendance functionality at Kenjo. 


Do you and your company track time and attendance with Kenjo, and do you have thoughts on how it can be improved? We want to hear from you! 


Please use this Calendly link to schedule a call. Interviews will be in English and German and last around 40 minutes, they will be run remotely on Google meets and you don’t need to prepare anything.  


This is a great opportunity for you to give input to make our product better. We look forward to hearing from you!

How is the process like?

  • ⭐️ Sign up to participate

To get you onboard, we’ll ask you to fill out a short form. . The information you provide will help us match you to each session: beta/prototype testings, usability testings, user interviews or surveys.

  • ✉️ Get invited

We’ll invite you to future one-to-one feature testing that are conducted remotely, via email and include all the details, so you can decide if you’d like to take part. You can always say no to an invitation, and you can opt out at any time.

  • :rocket:Share your thoughts

You might be asked to share your experience with one of our products, tell us about how you work, test new designs, or complete a survey. By taking part in research, you’ll help us build and refine Kenjo to better meet your needs.

FAQ section

✅ Question: What happens after I sign up?

Answer: After you sign up, you’ll be added to our participant database. We’ll then reach out to you when we need your feedback on an existing product or a new version of a product that we are building. You can always say no if you’re not interested.

✅ Q: I don’t use Kenjo, can I still sign up?

A: Yes! We want to hear from current users as well as people who aren’t familiar with Kenjo. Sometimes a fresh perspective is just what we’re looking for.

✅ Q: How much time do I need to invest? 

A: The duration varies depending on the type of testing. An online remote testing typically lasts 30-60 minutes. Sessions will almost always happen during business hours. Other times you’ll be invited to complete a survey which you can complete when it suits you within a given time-range. We’ll always provide you with an estimate of the time involved beforehand.

✅ Q: Which language would I be required to speak?

A: You can join us if you speak German, English or Spanish.

✅ Q: Who will have access to my information?

A: All your personal information will be kept confidential. It will only be accessible by the Product Research team, consistent with our Terms of Service and GDPR.

✅ Q: Will my feedback be confidential?

A: Yes! Your feedback will be confidential and will never be shared with any third-party organization. Your feedback will ONLY be used for internal purposes.

✅ Q: Can I opt out?

A: Yes! You can decline any invitation, or email us if you’d like to opt-out of our research program entirely. Email us at [] to opt out.

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