Editing a surcharge rule

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To effectively manage surcharge rules, you have two key options: handling the employees assigned to a rule or editing specific rule details. Here's how to manage these aspects:

Managing Employees

Navigate to Attendance settings > Salary Surcharge and select Manage employees. You can also access this menu by clicking on Edit surcharge > Manage employees.

To add new employees to the surcharge rule:

  • Click on (+) Assign employees.
  • You will be directed to the bulk assignment interface.

To remove employees from the surcharge rule:

  • Select the desired employees by clicking the checkboxes next to their names.
  • Click on Actions > Remove.
  • A confirmation message will appear to ensure you want to remove these employees.
  • Once you confirm the removal, the surcharge rule will no longer affect those employees.

Note: Removing employees won't affect past payroll summaries unless they haven't been confirmed.

Editing Surcharge Details

Go to Attendance > Settings > Salary Surcharge and click on Edit surcharge. You can there edit the Name, Description, and End date of the surcharge rule.

What if Surcharge Rule Conditions Change?

Although it's not a frequent case, surcharge conditions may change over time. For instance, there might be a decision to increase the percentage paid for working on Sundays. In such cases, we recommend the following:

First, edit the existing surcharge rule for Sundays and set an end date corresponding to the day before the surcharge percentage increase is implemented.

Then create a new Surcharge rule for Sundays with the updated percentage, and specify a start date for when it becomes effective.

When adding employees to the new rule, filter by the name of the old surcharge rule for Sundays. This allows you to efficiently assign all employees belonging to the old rule with just one click.

Deleting Salary Surcharges

Similar to other policies in Kenjo, surcharges can be deleted only if no employees are assigned to them. To delete a salary surcharge, follow these steps:

  • Remove all employees from the surcharge rule in Salary Surcharge > Manage employees.
  • Return to the main menu, locate the surcharge you want to delete, and click on the Three dots > Delete surcharge.
  • The surcharge will be permanently deleted from the system.

By following these guidelines, you can seamlessly manage surcharge rules, address changes in surcharge conditions, and efficiently delete surcharges when needed.

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