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Modified on Fri, 16 Dec 2022 at 04:09 PM

Q: Can I use any device to open the Kiosk?

A: The kiosk is a webpage, not an application that needs to be installed, so it would be easier for you to find a compatible device. Theoretically, you can access this webpage from almost any device that has a web browser, such as smartphones, tablets, computers, smart TVs, Amazon Kindle, etc. 

To open the Kiosk, we highly recommend these devices:

  • Tablets:
    • iPad mini (6. Generation) - 64Gb
    • iPad 10,2'' (9. Generation) - 64Gb
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 (10,5'') - 32Gb
    • iPad 8th (iOS 14.0)
  • Phones:
    • iPhone 13 (iOS 15.0) 
    • iPhone 12 Pro Max (iOS 14.0) 
    • Samsung Galaxy S21 (Android 11.0) 
    • Samsung Galaxy A51 (Android 10.0) 
    • Samsung Galaxy A10 (Android 9.0) 
    • Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 (Android 9.0)


  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 
  • Samsung Galaxy A52 
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 
  • iPhone 7 
  • iPhone 11 
  • iPhone 8 
  • Xiaomi MI 9 
  • Xiaomi MI 8 Pro

Q:  If it can be used in any device, why do you recommend the above list of devices?

A: The fact that you can access the webpage doesn’t mean that the webpage is designed for that device. There are so many different screen sizes, resolutions, operative systems, among others that, even when you would be able to access the webpage (meaning the Kiosk) in that device, the experience might not be fully correct:

  • Some elements might be out of the screen
  • Some elements might overlap with each other
  • Some animation/graphical features might not be available for that browser

Q:  If this is a webpage, is the OS that important?

A: No, the brand or the OS versions are not that important. What makes the difference is:

  • The browser app: We recommend using Google Chrome
  • The screen size: We recommend the ones that are in the devices list, but any other device with a similar screen size could also be valid, no matter the brand/model.

Q:  If I use the QR code tracking method, can I print the QR code and stick it on the wall, so that the employees can scan it with their phones when they check in-out?

A: No. The QR code changes every 30 seconds automatically to keep the method secure. By changing the QR constantly, we make sure to keep it unique, so users will not be able to 'copy' it (by taking a picture, for example), and scan it from another location different from the intended.

Q:  Should the devices stay online the whole time? Even at night?

A: They do not need to be on all the time, the Kiosk is simply a web page, which you can close the browser or turn off the device with no problem. Once a kiosk is opened, the Admin logs in, chooses an office linked to that Kiosk, chooses a welcome message, and the methods available in that Kiosk (QR, Pin code, or both), that information is stored on the device for a year.

So when the tablet is turned back on, and you open the Kiosk website, it will automatically start up again where it left off, without the need for the Admin to log in again. This "memory" will last for one year.

These sessions that are opened appear in the Kenjo desktop application in Settings > Attendance > Settings > Kiosk & Sessions. Here we show a table with all currently open sessions, and you are allowed to modify your welcome message, the logo displayed, the methods available or even log out so that no one else can clock in from that device. These modifications or logout are automatically applied in the corresponding Kiosk (no need to refresh) but can take up to 30 seconds.

Q:  Should Admins sign in every day in the morning before employees could check in?

A: Once logged in, there is no need to log in again for another year. We have created the permission "Launch Kiosk" so that the Admin can delegate this task. Admins can create a custom profile in each office with this permission enabled, and the employee assigned to this profile will be able to launch the kiosks without the need for the admin to intervene each time.

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