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In this article, you will learn how to start using the Attendance Kiosk, so your employees can begin to check in/out using their PIN code, QR code or both.

Only HR Admin & Admin have access to configure the Attendance Kiosk.

Custom profiles with the permission of “Launch Kiosk & administrate PIN Code” will allow them to launch the kiosk from the device and view/refresh PIN codes. However, they will not be able to activate/inactive kiosk feature or to manage sessions. This permission belongs only to Admins or HR Admins.

At this point, you should already have:
Activated the Attendance Kiosk in your organization
Enabled employees to check-in/out via the Kiosk


Step I: Select a device

The first step is to select the device you want to use as Kiosk (Android - IOS - Windows). When using a browser, our recommendation will be Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Note: For QR check in-out method, you don't need to have a touchscreen. However, for PIN Code check in-out method, users will need to enter the valid PIN via a touchscreen keyboard or a connected external keyboard.

Examples of devices where you should be able to open the Kiosk:

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Smartphone with Android
  • Any tablet with Android
  • Smart TV from Chrome (If you use PIN Code tracking method, you need to add a Keyboard)
  • PC or Laptop (Windows, Linux, Mac) as long as you use the web browser with a keyboard for PIN code.

However, we recommend that you check this FAQ for an accurate list of the devices that you should use and the reason why it is so.

Step II: Place the device 

  • First, choose the device where you want to open the Kiosk, this can be:
    • A smartphone
    • A tablet
    • A desktop

  • Place the device where you want your employees to check in or out

  • There are two ways to launch the kiosk in this device:
    • Via the URL
    • Via the QR code

  • Via the URL
    • Copy the URL by clicking on the icon "copy". 
    • Open the browser and paste the URL
    • The kiosk will open, so your employees can check in at the entrance of your organization

  • Via QR code
    Use the QR code if you will open the kiosk in another device. A camera in the other device is needed.
    • Click on 'KIOSK LAUNCH LINK QR'
    • You will see a QR code 
    • Scan the QR code with your smartphone and open the kiosk automatically

Step III: Activate the Kiosk

  • Once you open the link OR scan the QR code, the home screen of the Attendance Kiosk will appear and will request an email to activate the Kiosk
  • Consider that the language of this screen will be the language of your browser. However, you can click on the Language in the right-hand upper corner to change it.

  • Add your email as an Admin or HR admin

Note: You can only launch the Kiosk with the email of an Admin or HR Admin

  • You will receive an email with a 6 digit activation code. 

Note: This code will only be valid for 5 minutes. Otherwise, you will not be able to activate the Kiosk and will have to produce another code.

  • Insert the code and click SUBMIT

Step IV: Select the location and access method for the Kiosk

Since there should be one Kiosk per location, select the location where you are configuring the Kiosk and click on Activate Kiosk.

Remember! The location that appears available is the one you have added as your location in Settings > My company

Once you have selected the location, the system will ask you to choose the check-in method. By default, the available methods will be enabled.

Consider that, once you are recognized as a user, the language of the Kiosk will be the one you have configured in your Kenjo account (and not the one in your browser). 

Here is an overview of this process: 

Step V: Add the Kiosk to an Android or iPhone home screen

Since the Kenjo Kiosk is a page that you would be returning to again and again, you can set a direct link sitting on your device screen. To do so, follow the next steps:


Launch “Chrome” app. Open the website or web page you want to pin to your home screen. Tap the menu icon (3 dots in upper right-hand corner) and tap Add to home screen. You'll be able to enter 'Kenjo Kiosk' as a name for the shortcut, and then Chrome will add it to your home screen.


With Apple, you are able to add the website as an icon. After going to the website via Safari, tap the Share menu button. In the menu, scroll down and select Add to Home Screen. If you want, edit the site’s title as it will appear on your screen. When everything is to your satisfaction, tap Add. When clicking on the icon, the page will open in Safari.

Edit or delete an open session

Once you have launched the Kiosk, the session will appear enlisted in Attendance > Settings > Kiosk & Sessions

You can edit or delete an open Kiosk session by clicking on the 'pencil' or 'bin' icon respectively. 

Edit an open session:

Click on the pencil icon to:

  • Change the welcome message
  • Change or add a new photo
  • Enable or disable a tracking method
  • Change the Kiosk brand color

Delete an open session

You can delete single sessions or in bulk by clicking Actions > Sessions > Delete sessions or by clicking on the bin icon.

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