Profiles and their associated permissions give you the option of managing all access rights in Kenjo. 


In the Settings you will find six profiles which will make your work easier. As soon as you click on one of the profiles, you can view the rights management and assign your employees their respective roles. In addition to this, you can create individual profiles and thus structure the permissions granularly. 

In the “Members” area you can assign individual employees to the respective profiles.

Overview of profiles


  • Full access to all features and settings


  • Full access to the People section (Employee's data, Orgchart and Payroll)
  • Full access to the Smart docs section (Employees docs, Templates, Import).
  • Full access to the Time off section (Company time offs, Requests)
  • Full access to Pulse
  • Full access to the Reports.
  • Access to all HR Settings.
  • No access to the Recruiting feature


  • Full access to Recruiting
  • Access to Recruiting Settings, Workflows and Email templates
  • No access to the HR features

Finance Admin: 

  • Access to the People section (Payroll)
  • Access to the Personal and Compensation tabs of all employees
  • Access to Settings > Payroll.


  • View time off of their subordinates (calendar page)
  • Approve time offs of their subordinates
  • View & Edit the attendance of their subordinates


  • Access to their own data, attendance, compensation, payroll
  • Access to their own time off
  • Access to their own documents
  • Access to Recruiting (Only if they are invited as a Hiring Manager or Hiring team member)

Custom profile: 

In case none of the standard profiles match your needs, you can create a custom profile and define the access rights for it. 

Please note that the employee must have the status "active", otherwise you cannot assign him a new profile.