Before you design your career page, first enter some basic information in the Settings > Recruiting - Settings


Activation of the career site 
As soon as you have made all the settings in the recruiting area, you can activate your career page with one click.

Hide “All job openings” link 

With this setting, you can hide the link in the job openings and the application form that leads back to the Kenjo career page.

Subdomain for your career site 

In the future, you and all applicants will find your application page under this domain. E.g. select 

Language of your career site 

Select the first language in which the career page is displayed. 

Email to candidate 

If you want to forward applications that were sent to your personal mailbox, you can send them directly to Kenjo by forwarding them to the address shown here. Afterward, a new applicant will be created automatically.

Steps to create email2candidate automatic forward.

  1. Find the email of your organization, this would be something like
  2. Follow these steps in case you want to create an automatic forwarding rule in your email server (example of gmail server).
    1. Follow the steps described in this link:
    2. Be sure that you are the administrator of your email (otherwise a validation code would be sent, which is not a valid option for this scenario).
    3. Set the forwarding rule from settings.

Redirection of lost emails 

If an email cannot be assigned to an applicant in Kenjo, we will forward it to you. Enter the specific email address for forwarding here. 

Careers site info

With this setting, you can add the title of your career page, the name of your company and a brief description of your company. This will be shown when posting on social networks and additionally strengthens your brand in the area of SEO. 


After entering all of these details you can proceed to the next steps. 


Select the basic design of your company page here. Upload a logo and optionally a favicon and a hero image. 


Hero images are used in all open job openings and make your advertisement even more individual. 


If you do not want to upload a hero image, this area appears in your company color. 

You can set this using an html color code. 

Company links


In the links area, you can store all URLs, for example, those ones of your social media accounts. Remember to add the link to your company's data protection declaration homepage here. 

Career builder


In this area, you can use the modular principle to design your personal company page according to your wishes and ideas. 


The following modular elements are available on Kenk: 

  • Header: With only one click, your company logo stored in Kenjo will be stored on your company page as a header. 
  • Footer: If you have entered your company URLs in the menu item Links , they will appear in your footer on the career page as soon as you select this module. 
  • Active positions: This module creates a list view with all job advertisements that you have set to "active". 
  • Hero: With the Hero module you can upload an image to which you can assign a heading or subheading. This may e.g. look like this: 


  • Text: Use the item Text in order to add text to your career page. With a double click on the written text you can design it and change the font and shape, for example. 
  • Image: With the image module you have the chance to upload an image file, which will then be adapted to the full screen size. 
  • Image gallery: If you would like to display several pictures side by side, for example from your office or your team, you can add them using the picture gallery block . 
  • Team: If you want to give applicants insights to your team, you can add some or all team members individually using this module. As an option, you can add a name and / or position to each team member by clicking on the text field below the image. 
  • YouTube Video: Would you like to show a YouTube video on your career page? Then add the corresponding module and enter the URL of the desired video. 
  • Custom HTML: Feel like being a bit more creative? Then add the Custom HTML block and use the editor. Please note that Javascript is not accepted here.  

Arrangement and processing of the blocks 

Each component has the same configuration on the left side. If you want to move any component up or down, use the arrows. If you want to add padding and color, the configuration icon displays a tab where you can adjust the padding on the top, bottom, right and left. Here you can also change the color of the text and the background color. To delete a component, just click on the trash can icon.

Please remember to save your career page after configuration!