If you would like to have a complete overview of all your colleagues' absences in your local calendar, please follow the instructions below:  

  • Go to the Calendar menu item in your Kenjo profile. 
  • Select the Export option.
  • Now select a calendar for which you would like to get an Export URL.


Please note that you can only select one calendar at a time. In this way, you can individually decide which absences you would like to display in your calendar. To see more Time off types, repeat these steps. 

  • As a next step, copy the Export URL below. 
  • Add the calendar URL to your local calendar. Please refer to the below link to find detailed instructions on subscribing to Kenjo's calendar from your local calendar:


  • Although the calendar sync is permanent, the updates will reflect in your local calendar depending on the refresh rates offered by each platform. 
    • Google calendar - up to 24 hours
    • Outlook calendar - more than 24 hours, although updates should happen approximately every 3 hours
    • Mac calendar - you can choose the refresh rate starting from 'Every 5 mins'
  • Each employee has to follow the above steps to connect Kenjo's calendar to the local calendar.