In the section Home -> Newsfeed you have the possibility as Admin or HR-Admin to send public news to your colleagues. 

You can limit the visibility to:

- Department

- Office

- Company 

- Specific Persons

Adding information

You can add any kind of text information without worrying about how much space it will take up because it could be displayed on a full screen. Furthermore, it will also be possible to add styles to your text or even add hyperlinks (do not forget to use http:// or https:// to redirect properly). 

Moreover, you can attach documents, pictures, and even YouTube videos, which can be displayed within Kenjo.

Note: Kenjo supports only YouTube URLs under the News feed module.

Configuring when the messages are posted and who can see a specific message

You can choose the start date and due date of a message, so you can schedule a message to be published in the future. In the same way, you can set due date to a message, so it will not be visible after that date.

To configure who can see a message, you can do it via the visibility configuration button and then select the audience per Company, Office, Department, or choosing specific employees.

Archive/Unarchive message

Any user will be able to archive messages at any time. The archived messages can be seen at any time by clicking on Manage your widgets at the home page and enabling the option “Show archived announcements”.