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Under Time off > Requests, you will have an overview of all the time off requests you have received from your employees.

There are two scenarios according to the permissions assigned to your role within your company:

  • As an Admin/HR Admin, you have permission to approve time off requests of all employees.
  • For other employee profiles e.g. Manager, you have permission to approve time off requests of only your subordinates.

Viewing Time off requests as an Admin/HR Admin

You can filter the Time-Off Requests according to multiple fields (Company, Office, Division, Department, and Team) and see only the ones that are relevant to you. 

To filter your search results:

  • Click on any of the filters (Company, Office, Division, Department, and Team).
  • Choose the field or fields you will like to de displayed. You can choose as many filters and fields as you like at the same time.
  • When you apply a filter in a specific field, the bar will indicate it by showing a blue-chip with the number of the selected values and a grey-chip with the name of the fields.

Note: The filters will be remembered every time you access the Time off Requests section. 

To clear the selected values:

  • Click on the filter and deselect the field.
  • Click on the X next to the blue chips that appear on every filter.
  • Click on the X next to the grey chips created for every field.
  • To reset all the filters and fields, click on the X under the bar Search for employees.

To look for a specific employee:

  • Click on the search bar located at the top right corner.
  • Write the employee's name. 
  • Click enter.

Viewing Time off requests as a Manager

In case you only have permission to approve the time-off requests of your subordinates, the bar will show you only two filters: My Team and All.

  • My Team: this filter will show you the employees who report directly to you. 
  • All: this filter will show the time off requests of all employees that are subordinates.

Note: The filter My Team is not related to the Teams and Divisions hierarchy levels, but to the reporting relationship (if it is direct or not).

How to Process Pending Requests

As an Admin or a Manager, the Pending Requests will appear on the left side of the screen, with the name, the starting date, and the finishing date of the employee asking for time off.

You can accept or reject the Time off Requests by clicking on the Green Check or Red Cross

Information of The Time-Off Request:

By clicking on any of the names from your search, the employee’s card will appear on the right side of the screen with the following information:

  • Current Balance of the employee: shows the total number of days the employee is allowed to take.

  • Requested Date: shows from and till when the employee is requesting time off, as well as how many working days the employee won’t be present.

  • Description: shows the reason to ask for time off in case the employee provided the information. 

  • Who else will be away: shows what other employees will be away on the same dates.  

Remember that there are two different types of Time off requests:

If it is a time off request that requires approval in two steps, you will see on the top right corner the indication of "Waiting for approval from" and the picture of the person who also needs to approve the request. When you hover over the picture, you are able to see the name.

Delegated approval process

Remember that it is possible to delegate approval when creating a time-off policy. If this function was not activated when setting up the time-off policy, you can enable Allow delegate approval by going to Settings > Time Off > Allow delegated approval.  

To choose the delegated approver for an employee, go to the People > Personal > Work section and choose the member Delegated approver. Once the option is selected, the process will look like this:

  • Subordinate A asks for time off from Manager A.
  • Manager A is on vacation but has appointed Manager C as his delegated approver.
  • Manager C will receive Subordinate A's request and decides to approve or reject it. 



  • If the allow delegated approval option is not enabled or the delegated approver is not chosen, only the direct manager or the admin will be able to approve time off requests.
  • The delegated approval is computed dynamically. This means that it works when the approval is not present. For example:
    • One employee requests holidays in December 2021 and the request must be approved between June 2021 and December 2021. In June 2021, the direct manager is working, so the request will appear to him. However, in July 2021, the direct manager is away for the month, and the request will be forwarded to the delegated approver. If the delegated approver doesn't approve the request, the direct manager will get it again in August 2021.

Delegated approval process and 2 STEP approval process

When the 2 step approval process is enabled and there is more than one person that needs to approve a time off request, the delegated approval process will look like this:

  • Subordinate A asks for time off from Manager B.
  • The request needs the approval first of Manager A and then of Manager B (2 Step).
  • Manager B cannot see the request until Manager A has approved it.
  • Manager A is on vacation and has appointed Manager C as his delegated approver.
  • Manager C receives the request and approves it.
  • Manager B will then be able to see the request.
  • Manager B decides to approve it or reject it.

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