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Modified on Mon, 22 Aug 2022 at 03:28 PM

Up until this point, the cards of your shifts have appeared with stripes, which symbolizes "unpublished/draft mode". Open shifts will always remain in this mode. 

After you are done defining and assigning your shifts, click on "PUBLISH".

A new window showing you the summary of your scheduled shifts will appear with the following information:

    • Number of shifts
    • Total hours (no matter the distribution of those hours)
    • Number of employees working

  • Notifications: Toggle the switch off if you do not want to notify your employees through push notifications right after publishing your shifts. If you see the option in gray, it means that you have to enable this option via Shiftplan > Settings.

If the information is correct, click on PUBLISH one more time. Now your shift cards will appear in solid colours as per the shift role colour.


  • Publishing shifts are done on a week by week basis. This means that when you click on PUBLISH, all the shifts for that week selection will be considered for publishing.

  • Two or more admins can add shifts at the same time. However, when one click on PUBLISH, all the information that is there will be published, regardless of who added the shifts. We recommend that you communicate closely with your co-shiftplanner colleagues in case there are multiple shift planners managing shifts for different employee groups or work groups.

If you wish to add a new shift after you have published your shift plan, you can still do so. You will see the difference

between the new unpublished/draft shifts and the old published shifts based on the stripes:

  • Draft/unpublished mode: with stripes
  • Published mode: without stripes

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