Standard manager profile in Shiftplan

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Shiftplan is developed to scale as your company scales. Typically we have built the functionality for companies with multiple shift teams and each team having a shift manager to have an overview or planning rights for the their team. 

The standard manager profile is built to allow access for multiple Shiftplan managers to manage their own teams of people. It provides: 

  • Full visibility for admins: HR admins and admins are able to have a full view of the entire plan created by all managers under them. 
  • 100% autonomous managers: Managers are able to prepare the Shiftplan and conduct the daily operations for various employee teams independently. 
  • Multi-layer manager compatibility: If Manager 1 and Manager 2 are both shift planners and Manager 2 reports to Manager 1, then Manager 1 can see all shifts created by Manager 2 and can edit, delete, or publish them. 

This is what the structure between the different admins and managers looks like: 

Note: Click on the image to see it bigger.

The standard manager has a set row of permissions. To learn more about all profiles and permissions in Shiftplan, check out this article. 

Permissions of the standard manager

The standard manager profile comes with certain permissions and restrictions.

A standard manager CAN

  • Activate and edit Shiftplan profiles ONLY for employees who report to them or report to someone reporting to them 
  • See and manage the Shiftplan ONLY for employees who report to them or report to someone who reports to them:
    • They can use the scheduled shifts feature and assign shifts 
    • They can use the open shifts feature and later assign them 
  • If one standard manager creates a role, tag, or working area it can be used by all managers BUT can only be edited or deleted by the manager who created it
  • Each standard manager can see their own capacity plan and if they edit it, it does not impact the capacity plan of other managers  
  • Publish shifts which only they created
  • The admin/hr admin can however also create/edit/delete shifts created by all standard managers 

A standard manager CANNOT

  • Activate or edit Shiftplan profiles of employees not reporting to them
  • See, edit or delete shifts belonging to employees not reporting to them
  • Change the notification or breaktime setting 
  • Add or activate new office/locations for Shiftplan
  • Edit  or delete roles, tags, working areas create by other managers 
  • Cannot publish shifts created by other managers 

How to work effectively with multiple shift managers 

For using the standard manager profile in Shiftplan most effectively we recommend the following. These are first actions from Admins before they pass on the daily shift operations to Shift managers. Admins should:

  • Switch on the Shiftplan feature 

  • Add and activate the Shiftplan locations via Settings > My Company > Offices & Locations

  • Add employees to Kenjo

  • Add the first roles, tags,  and working areas 

  • Make sure that the "Reporting to" section of the shift employees are updated 

  • After this, the multiple standard managers can work in an autonomous way 

  • They can activate the Shift employees via Employees > Personal > Actions > Activate/Edit Shiftplan

  • They can use the roles, tags, and working areas created by the admin or add new ones

  • They can start adding shifts (open and scheduled) and planning for their teams 

  • They can publish shifts and inform their employees 

  • They can update an employee Shiftplan profile whenever needed

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