Set up employee profiles for Shiftplan

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Shiftplan is flexible for your business. You are able to customize your shifts as per the roles, working areas, and special employee qualifications or needs. The roles, locations, and tags will later be used to generate recommended employees while creating shifts. Since you might have some employees who work in shifts and some do not,you can also activate and deactivate Shiftplan for each employee.

Once you have set up Shiftplan in Kenjo, it's time to configure your employees' profiles.

Step 1: Create an Employee profile

Depending on how actively you have been using Kenjo, you might have added your employees to Kenjo or not. If you have not added your employees to Kenjo, learn how to create their profiles here.

Step 2: Activate Shift plan for employees

Once you have enabled locations, added roles and working areas, you can start activating employees.

To activate shift plan for your employees, 

  • Go to Employee > Personal
  • On the right-hand side of the screen, you will see a Menu with different ACTIONS 

A new window will pop up where you can fill in all the information needed for the shift plan.

Note: Some information in this form will appear completed/read-only, since you already filled it in when creating the employee profile for the first time.


In this section, you will find the personal information of the employee taken from their profile. If there is information missing, you can add it here and then click NEXT.

:information_source:Note: You will see that the work email, name, last name or company are on read-only mode.

  • To change the name, last name or company, go to the Personal tab in the employee's profile. 
  • To change the work email, go to the Personal tab in the employee's profile and click on "CHANGE WORK EMAIL" on the right-hand side of the screen.


  • Add all the different locations where you want the employee to be available to work on his/her shifts. You can make one employee available in multiple locations.
  • Click NEXT

Working areas

  • Choose all the working areas where the employee will operate during his/her shifts. 
  • Click NEXT


  • Select the role/roles the employee may perform. You can choose more than one role for the same employee. This will help you categorize your employees based on their roles. 
  • Click NEXT


  • Last but not least, add all tags related to the said employee based on the different categories
  • Click ACTIVATE

Note: To activate Shiftplan for an employee, you will have to provide the above information categories. If you choose to save it before completing the setting, an icon with an exclamation mark :information_source:will appear next to ACTIVATE SHIFTPLAN in Employees' Profile > Actions. Once you have activated the shift plan for an employee, the :information_source:icon will disappear.


:rotating_light:Important: currently, activating shiftplans for employees cannot be done in bulk. Therefore, you will have to repeat the same process for each of your employees. 

Once you have activated Shiftplan for your employee, you and the rest of your business will see a summary of the Shiftplan information in Employee > Public profile

Step 3: Edit Shiftplan information of employees

It might be that an employee changes roles, acquire new skills or are transferred to new areas of work. To edit shift plan for an employee, go to the Employee Profile > Personal. Under Actions, click on EDIT SHIFTPLAN.

A new window will appear with the current information of the employee regarding shift plan. Once you have modified the profile, click on SAVEWe recommend you to keep employee profiles updated, so that you get accurate recommendations during shift creation.

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