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Shiftplan is Kenjo's feature for shift management at companies like yours. It allows you to easily plan your organization's shifts, generate schedules efficiently, and manage the attendance of your staff.

Take into consideration that only Admins and HR Admin profiles will be able to setup Shiftplan settings. 

  • Go to Settings > Shiftplan and toggle the switch to enable the feature. 

  • A new icon will appear on the left side menu.
  • Click on the Icon > Settings

You will find four sections:


Go to Shift plan > Settings > Notifications and toggle the switch on so you and your employees can receive automatic push notifications whenever there is a shift update that needs communication to the employee. As of now, notifications will appear in:

  • Desktop: Notification bell in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Mobile: Home notification control and in app. 



It might be the case that your organization consists of several locations with different work modes. One of your locations could follow only office hours, while another could work with shifts. Therefore, the first step is to set up your locations on the company level. Note that the location field is mandatory for creating shifts and employee profiles.

  • Go to Settings > My Company
  • Click on Office & Locations. Note: If you had not added any locations to your company, do so here.
  • Choose the location where you want to enable Shift work and navigate to the "Enable for Shiftplan" setting
  • Enable the switch on.
  • Provide the address for each location where you run your business for GPS tracking when employees clock in and out. 
  • To edit a location details, click on the location and make changes. To delete a location, you can hover over a location and use the red “Bin” icon. 

This location will then appear as an option in Shiftplan > Settings > Locations and will be available for shift assignments and employee Shiftplan profiles.

Note: Take into consideration that: 

  • If you delete a location, it will not be available as an available location when creating shifts. 
  • A location cannot be disabled or deleted if it is associated and being used for employee profiles and planned shifts.

Working areas

Here you can split the physical locations of your organization into different working areas. For example, in a restaurant, you might have a working area for Kitchen and another one for Service. At the same time, within the Service space, you may have a first floor, a second floor, and a terrace. Make sure you add all the working spaces where your employees will perform their tasks to organize their shifts.

When you create your shifts later, you will be able to assign employees to the different working areas you have created. Unlike locations, working areas are not a mandatory information to schedule shifts.

  • Click on (+) ADD WORKING AREA to add new working areas. 
  • Click on SAVE

To Edit or Delete a working area, click on the 'Pencil' or 'Bin' icon, respectively.

Note: Working areas cannot be deleted when they have been assigned to employees or shifts have been created using this working area.

Roles & Tags


For planning shifts using Shiftplan, the role is necessary information. This is done to mimic the real life contexts where an employee, working in shifts, performs a specific role/job during the shift. Shiftplanners can use roles to filter people out while scheduling the shifts. 

Create all job roles that you will later assign to your employees.

  • Click on (+) ADD ROLE
  • Add the name of the role, e.g. Service, Nurse, Doctor, Cashier
  • Choose the role colour. The colour will later differentiate between roles 
  • Click on SAVE

To Edit or Delete a role, click on the 'Pencil' or 'Bin' icon, respectively.

Take into consideration that no employees should be associated to a role in order to delete it. 


Tags can add more information to the shifts you will later create. They are important because they remind you of special aspects about employees while scheduling shifts. For example, whenever you create a shift, you might want to assign employees that have certain certificates, can speak German fluently, or have special access. 

  • Click on (+) ADD TAG and add the name of the tag. 
  • Choose what type of category it belongs to: Skills, Information, Other
  • Click SAVE

Some use cases for tags can be certificates, driving licence, language, red card (gastronomy related), choose size, etc. 

Some shiftplanners also tag a specific employee as a Shift leader.

Shiftplan rules


When you create shifts, you can add a break time. However, we are aware that in each organization there are certain agreements being done with the employees. For example, on a very hectic restaurant, employees might be allowed to take short breaks that are not being registered but are still part of their total shift. On other organizations, such as called centres, the total shift time will have to consider (subtract) a break in the middle.

To satisfy both needs, we give you the option to provide a rule for the breaks. 

In Shiftplan rules > Breaks, you can select if you want breaks to be deducted from the shift duration. 

  • Toggle the switch on

  • A new window will appear with important information that will help you better understand what it means
  • Click YES, CHANGE

ℹ️ Note: As you can see from the message above, whenever you change the calculation of shift length, the system will also change all existing shifts (both in desktop and mobile) as well as the capacity. Keep this in mind in case you need to inform your employees about these changes.  

Now let's look at an example to illustrate this better. We will create a shift from 9 to 18 with 1-hour break and show the difference between having the break deduction enabled or disabled.

  • Shift deduction of break enabled:


        Final shift: 8-hour shift

  • Shift deduction of break disabled:



        Final shift: 9-hour shift

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