Profiles and Permissions in Shiftplan

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The profiles and permissions feature in Kenjo helps you decide on the level of permissions available for different people in your company based on their job roles. 

The Shiftplan functionality also makes use of this and is currently available for the HR Admin, Admin, and Standard Manager profiles. 

This means that if you have an employee who manages the shift planning for one or multiple teams, they need to have one of these profiles to be able to use the various Shiftplan functionalities in Kenjo. 

Currently, we do not offer the Shiftplan functionality for custom profiles in Kenjo. If this is something essential for your company, please send an email letting us know to


Before getting started 

As a recap, to start using Shiftplan, the basic settings needed are: 

  • Activation of the feature 

  • Adding office/locations and activating them for Shiftplan

  • Adding roles

  • Adding working areas

  • Adding tags

The secondary settings are: 

  • Mobile notication - whether employees should get notifications on new shifts and shift changes

  • Breaktime settings - whether breaks are included or excluded from the shift duration

Check out this article to learn how to set up your Shiftplan settings. Additionally, here you have a quick overview of the settings needed for Shiftplan: 

Tip: Click on the image to see it bigger.

All Shiftplan Profiles & Permissions

Now that everything is set up, it is time to assign the profiles with its permissions. Go to Settings > Profiles and permissions. In the profile of Admins, HR admins and Managers, you will find a section that looks similar to this: 


  • Click on the image if you want to see it bigger. 
  • If you don't see the set of permissions in this profile, it might be because you miss one of the steps in the previous section of this article called 'Before we start'. 

Feature ManagementAll settings for setting up Shiftplan are stored under this cluster of permissions  

  • View shiftplan settings tabAllows access to the Shiftplan settings menu under Shiftplan > Settings 
  • View shiftplan schedule tab - Allows access to the Shiftplan scheduling menu under Shiftplan > Schedules
  • Edit Employee profile for Shiftplan configuration - Allows the access to activate and edit the Shiftplan profile for new and existing employee profiles

  • Roles
    • Create new roles - Gives permission to create new roles

  • Edit roles and delete roles - Gives permission to edit and delete roles 

  • Tags
    • Create new tags - Gives permission to create new tags 
    • Edit and delete tags - Gives permission to edit and delete tags 

  • Working areas
    • Create new working areas - Gives permission to create new working areas
    • Edit and delete working areas - Gives permission to edit and delete working areas

Shift scheduling management - All settings for scheduling shifts are stored in this cluster of permissions 

  • Manage/Access scheduled shifts - Gives permission to create, edit, and delete scheduled shifts for employees 
  • Manage/Access open shifts - Gives permission to create, edit, and delete open shifts for employees

There are some actions which are not part of the profile and permissions but are set by default in the application. These are critical basic actions which can only be performed by the HR admin and admin. 

Permission HR Admin Admin Standard Manager 
Activating/deactivating ShiftplanYesYesNo
Activating/deactivating locations for ShiftplanYesYesNo
Activating/deactivating mobile notification settingsYesYesNo
Activating/deactivating break time configuration settings 

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