Layouts, filters and card sizes for Shiftplan

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Enjoy the various components and features of Shiftplan using different views and layouts according to your needs. You can also filter your results using the integrating filters on the left-hand side of the screen.



Shiftplan gives you the option to have different layouts for planning shifts. Above your Shiftplan, click on the button Layout. You can now choose between the employee and the role view.

The shift scheduling allows for the use of different layouts for planning shifts. To get a monthly overview of the shifts, click on the Week button above the shift schedule.

By clicking on Layout, you have the option to choose between employee and role view, as well as to customize the monthly view individually.

The minimum card size allows you to get an overview of the entire month without using the scroll bar.

You can also deactivate the filters at the top by clicking on the Filter button to get a better and clearer view.


Employee Layout

The employee layout shows a list of all employees and their scheduled shifts on the corresponding days. Here, you see every shift that has been assigned to an employee, featuring the following data:

  • Role
  • Shift times excluding breaks
  • Shift duration excluding breaks
  • Shift location

In this view, you can assign shifts to employees by clicking on the (+) button next to their name on the day you wish to schedule the shift. 

Role Layout

The role layout, on the other hand, shows a role-based list of employees. The employees are listed under their according roles with their assigned shifts on the corresponding day. 

The role layout can be sometimes a more efficient way to plan your shifts for the following reasons:

  • Role based planning is faster, as the employee and role is auto-selected, and you just need to assign the location and time
  • The layout gives a better overview for planning, as you can see exactly which role still needs shifts to be scheduled
  • Fewer mistakes in role assignment occur, as the role and employee are already selected, and you do not need to remember every employee's preferred roles

In this view, you also assign a shift by clicking on the (+) button next to the employee's name, with the difference that the role has already been pre-selected.

Filter your results

Use the Filters based on Locations, Employees and Role, to help you get a better overview for planning your shifts.

Over your weekly Shiftplan, choose the filter(s) you wish to use. Then, click on APPLY FILTERS. You now have a more specific overview of your planned shifts for all your locations, roles, and employees.

If you then wish to exit the more specific view, simply click on the "X" next to your applied filters, then click APPLY FILTERS again. 

Note: When scrolling down in Shiftplan, the filter bar will stick to the top, so the filters are always accessible to you. 

Card size

If you want a sleeker view for your shiftplan, you can create a customisable card size. By suing this compact layout, you can display more shift cards at once without having to scroll so much! To create the custom layout, simply go to Shiftplan > Settings > View options

Here, under Customize compact layout, you can choose one or two out of the four options: 

  • Role
  • Start and end time 
  • Shift duration
  • Location

Keep in mind that only the data you choose to be displayed will be visible, so make sure to select what is most important in your company. You can change the options at any time. 

The decision-making is completely dependent on your company. You can take inspiration from these ideas:

- If you have only one location and many different roles, it makes sense to display the information for the Role and the Start and end time.
- If you have multiple locations and a fixed time at which all of your employees start, it can be helpful to display the Location and the Shift duration.
- If your employees have fixed working hours that they are familiar with and don't need a reminder for, it can make sense to display the Role and the Location.

There are many possibilities to combine the options, so do what is best for your day-to-day operations to continue smoothly.

After you have made your decision, go back to your shiftplan and click on Layout. Under CARD SIZE, select Compact, and you can see the layout you have just customised in the settings. 

This is what your Shiftplan will now look like: 

With this view, you can display more shift cards at once! And don't worry, you can always switch back to the old view by selecting Expanded under CARD SIZE in the Layout options. 

The compact card size also works in the Role view: 

Keep in mind that, if you change the card size to compact, this is what everyone in your company with access to the shiftplan will see. Only people with admin permissions can change between the Expanded and the Compact view.

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