Shiftplan for employees (Mobile)

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With the Shiftplan feature on the Kenjo Mobile app, you and your colleagues can view all your scheduled shifts as soon as they are published. Here, you can see:

Home Screen

The homescreen is where you can see all your important shift information in a single view. You can navigate to the Shiftplan home screen via the Main Menu > Shiftplan

Here, you can see today's shift, your upcoming shifts, the total hours you have worked in the current week and the total hours which are scheduled in this week.

  • Today's shift

The scheduled shifts have different colours, so it is easier for you to differentiate them. The ongoing shift appears in green, while completed shifts appear in grey. Here, you can see:

  • Your role
  • The start and end time of the shift (break time optional)
  • The date of the shift
  • The working area
  • The location of the shift
  • Optionally, a note that has been added for further instructions from your shift planner

You can access today's shift under Shiftplan > Shifts

You can check in by taping the shift, where you see the shift data as described above, and then taping START

You are now redirected to the Punch clock. Here, you see your current working time including in, out, and break. Your current status in the punch clock is now "YOU ARE CLOCKED IN".

When/if you leave for a break, you need to tap GO FOR A BREAK. You status now appears as "YOU'RE ON BREAK". When you are finished, you need to tap FINISH BREAK

At the end of the day, you can check out by taping CHECK OUT. You now see an overview of your completed hours, which are added to your Shiftplan Total time section.

  • Upcoming shifts 

Upcoming shifts appear in the colour purple. You can see the shift as soon as it is published and can also view the shift details by tapping the shift, but you cannot check in to the shift yet. Next to the shift card is a countdown, that shows how much time (hours, days, weeks) are left until the shift starts. As soon as it is the day of your shift you can check in by tapping START.

  • Total time (This week) 

Underneath your upcoming shifts, you can view your total time. Here, you see:

  • The Scheduled time: indicates your scheduled working hours for the current week.
  • The Clocked in time: shows how many hours you have already worked in the current week. This section pulls its data from the hours you have registered with the punch clock.

Schedule Page 

Go to the schedule page by tapping the calendar symbol in the upper right corner of the Shiftplan screen. Here, you will find two sections: the Calendar section and the Shift cards section.

  • Calendar section

In the calendar section, you can:

  • See your shift for today
  • See your future shifts

To move through the weeks, you have two options:

  • Swipe left or right to see past or future weeks, respectively
  • Tap the drop down the calendar to see a full view of the current, past and following months 

Days on which shifts are planned are marked with a dot. This dot can have two different colours:

  • Grey, when you have already viewed the shift.
  • Blue, when the shift has been newly published, and you have not yet seen the shift.

Note: On a day that there are no shifts scheduled, you only see a grey field that says "No upcoming shifts".

  • Shift cards section

In the shift cards section, you can view your shift(s) scheduled for the selected day. You can select any day you wish to view the shift in the calendar scroller or in the monthly view. You can see:

  • Completed shifts, which appear in grey.
  • Ongoing shifts, which appear in green.
  • Upcoming shifts, which appear in purple.


When a new shift plan is published, there are two types of notifications you can receive:

  • Notification that a single shift has been assigned to you 
  • Notification that multiple shifts have been assigned to you 

When a single shift has been assigned to you, the notification clearly states the date, but not the time. When multiple shifts have been assigned, no specific dates are seen in the notification. 

You can view all your notifications by tapping the bell icon next to your name in the menu overview. You now have a list of all new notifications, which you can view by tapping them. 

The newly assigned shifts have different viewing options:

  • When tapping a notification that states a single shift has been assigned, you are taken directly to the newly published shift. 
  • When you tapping a notification stating that multiple shifts have been assigned, you are taken to the first day of the series of newly published shifts. You can scroll through them and view all shifts. 

All new shifts are marked with a blue tag.

Overview of the colours

To better understand the different colours your assigned shifts can have, here you have an overview:

  • Green means that you are currently completing the shift.
  • Grey means that you have already completed the shift.
  • Purple means that it is an upcoming shift.
  • Blue means that the shift has been newly assigned.

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