Product email - July 2022

Modified on Thu, 4 Aug, 2022 at 5:13 PM

Welcome to a new Kenjo Product Update!

This time we bring you so many updates that we can't wait for you to find out. Let’s skip this intro and get started! ?

Shiftplan - The tool for you by you

With our last release, we introduced our newest, highly requested feature - Shiftplan. Since then, we have been listening carefully to your valuable feedback, and here are the first improvements for you. With Shiftplan, you can now:

  • Edit and delete published shifts - your employees will be notified about the changes right away!
  • Reassign a published shift to another employee - This greatly helps shift planners in case of an unexpected absence! Employees, of course, will be notified too.
  • Always have the filters accessible - when scrolling down your planned shifts, you will only have the sticky filter bar available!

New Data import wizard

In the past, importing data to Kenjo was a cumbersome and time-consuming process. However, now it's a different story. With just a few clicks, you can save time by uploading a host of data-points in Settings > Data import. You will now be able to import as much as eleven data sets, including Employees, Employment, Salaries, Variable payments, Attendance, Candidates, Performance review questions and categories, and Cost centres. More import possibilities are coming very soon, so stay tuned!

Enhancement of the existing DATEV LODAS integration

Greatly reduce the time spent preparing the German payroll each month and take the hassle out of collecting the DATEV payroll information for new joiners by taking advantage of the new enhancements of our DATEV integration.

Admins are now able to:

  • Bulk upload the DATEV fields via the import wizard. Simply go to Settings > Data import > DATEV and download the template to get started.
  • Include more DATEV attributes in the export file. We have added extra DATEV tables and attributes to the integration that you can select for your export file.
  • Include recurring variable payments in the ASCII file. Take advantage of the new variable payment import wizard to bulk import variable payments every month.
  • Include hourly paid employees in the DATEV export file. We have added new DATEV tables to the integration, so you can now export the hourly rate, hourly attendance and last month's hourly corrections for these employees.
  • Download a complimentary .xlsx file when downloading the ASCII file. This .xlsx file enables you to review all the information that is contained in the ASCII file before sending it to your accountants, providing reassurance about its content.
Finally, save time during the onboarding process by enabling your employees to input their own DATEV related information into their personal profile. Simply add the employee to a DATEV payroll group and let them know!

New enhancements in Analytics

We keep working on improving the feature Analytics to help you uncover the insights and facts that will empower you to make better decisions. These updates include

  • New Reports: You can now export all the employee data, including their custom fields, Team & Areas, and Cost centres with the report "Export all employee data".  With this report, you will also be able to filter by Employee start date, by a Custom field, among others. On the other hand, the report "Working schedules" now includes the work schedule of the employees, their attendance, and their time off.
  • New Attendance dashboards: We have added two new attendance dashboards to the list. Our dashboard “Attendance analysisCategories” provides you with bar charts of all attendance data categories and subcategories. The dashboard “Attendance export” exports all your attendance data in detail in only one file, with all shift rows per employee, category information and comments.
Finally, we did other minor improvements to several dashboards that belong to the Employee category, such as the possibility to filter by Team and Division, among others.


New Time off functionalities

From now on, you can manage your time off’s even more precisely. We are introducing two new functionalities

  • Freeze time off requests during the probation period - You can now restrict new employees from requesting time off during their probation period. They can see their available days, but can only hit the request button as soon as the probation period is over.
  • Hide detail cards - The time off cards detail is meant to provide your employees with information about how their corresponding time off policies are configured, so they understand their balance. However, you now have the option to hide this information in the configuration of each time off policy.

Stay signed in with Kenjo mobile app

If you found it inconvenient when you often got logged out of your Kenjo mobile app, we have good news for you! From now on, the auto logouts are reduced significantly. We are also introducing a new feature: “Keep me signed in”. If you choose this option, you will be signed in to your mobile account for two weeks. If you do not select this option, you will stay signed in for 48 hours!

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