Emails not arriving

Modified on Fri, 17 Nov 2023 at 03:50 PM

There are many reasons why an email wouldn't arrive to its destination: Incorrect email address, greylisting, excessive traffic or spam filters, to name some. We will go over the most common of these cases and explain ways to prevent them.

The issue

Considering internet's main purpose is information exchange, the main underlying problem (for the emails not arriving) is the amount of people trying to steal information through the net. This forces internet  stakeholders and their defense mechanisms to become more and more restrictive.

To put it simple, it's a trust problem: When someone tries to steal your information, they will always disguise as someone trusted.

Note: Because the online threats are ever evolving, please understand that the enforcing mechanisms are also equally fast evolving organisms. This is why, what works for a company now, may not work for another company and/or a different timeframe.

The features impacted

Three main features will be impacted because of this:

  • Workflows: In the second step of workflows, when selecting the email action, you will be able to choose the domain of where the email comes from. 

    Please note that despite we offer the option to use your own domain for branding purposes, this option operates against the enforcing mechanisms we spoke before, since emails triggered by workflows will be sent by Kenjo, not by your company.

  • Recruitment: Recruitment workflows are bound to be impacted by the previously described, just any other workflow. Additionally, there are other mechanisms at play that could impact an email sent to candidates, who ultimately are end users of online services with very custom rules.

  • Digital SignatureSome of the emails sent by our Digital Signature partner could also be impacted by the problems previously described, when they attempt to send emails with your branding, while being a third party supplier.


Let's go over some of the solutions that you could attempt:

Change sender

Send workflow emails from By changing the domain in the second step of the workflow setup to Kenjo's default email address, you will spare yourself from the vast majority of delivery problems.

Whitelist IPs

If your technical team can whitelist our IPs, this will prevent any emails that we send to any employee within your company, to be considered spam.

Our IPs are:

Additionally, if you whitelist our Digital Signature's partner IP, you could potentially spare you from trouble with this feature:


Your technical team can implement certain parameters within your DNS that will authorize us to send emails in your name. If you're interested in knowing more about this measure, please don't hesitate contacting our Support team. 

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