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To ensure that the employees taking their breaks according to the law you can configure multiple break rules under Attendance > Settings > Attendance Policies > Reminders

  • Set up the required break time for a specific working time. 
  • Your employees will be reminded after the check out if they forgot to enter their break or the break time does not match the required break time. 
  • In this way you can support your employees to add their breaks accordingly to the german law and also ensure the compliance with the law.

Activate the Break Reminder

In order to activate the break reminder check the box. When active, you will be able to add multiple break rules. Then enter a specific amount of required working time and the recommended break time.

If you want to add another reminder click on Add reminder. You will then be able to enter again a required working time and a recommended break time. Click Save to store the changes.

Note: You can set up to 5 break reminder rules. Please also note that the reminder always needs to be higher than the previous one.

Reminder visibility

Once you establish the values for the break reminders, these settings will be active throughout the different platforms in Kenjo, depending on your time tracking methods:

  • Break Reminder Modal - Desktop
  • Break Reminder Modal - Mobile / QR
  • Break Reminder Modal - Kiosk Pin Code

Note: The break reminders will apply to all profiles except of Admins and HR Admins.

Employees will be reminded through a small pop up after saving their shift when their required work time is exceeded but the tracked break time doesn’t match the required time. 

In the example below we'll set up a reminder to show after 6+ hours of working time with a required break time of 30 minutes. If the employee enters a net working time which exceeds 6 hours, the following break reminder will be triggered:

Kenjo will show the total break time and the remaining break time to meet the required break time. Employees will only be required to enter the start and end time of their breaks and Kenjo will handle the calculations. 

Once the reminder has been triggered, the employee can continue without adding any break whatsoever. Please note that this is just a reminder and it will not force users to meet the required break time.

Employees won’t be able to add a break outside of their earliest start time or latest end time. In this case they will see an error message informing them about this.

Important: The behavior of the break reminders is consistent throughout punch clock and manual entry in both on desktop and mobile. However please note that the behavior within the Kiosk PIN Code is slightly different and the reminder will only be triggered if no break time was recorded.

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