Time recording in compliance with the law

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Ensuring legal compliance in time recording is crucial for both employees and employers. Our system provides a comprehensive set of features to manage attendance in accordance with the law. In order to make your time recording compliant with the law, we recommend that the available configuration options accurately reflect reality. This means in particular that the start and end of the daily working time and the breaks are actively recorded. 

In the following article, we provide you with corresponding information on each option with regard to legal compliance.


Overall recommendations

We’re giving you an overall recommendations of a possible configuration of the settings to be compliant with the law:

First things first: Activate Time tracking for every employee

Use punch clock

Toggle on the Punch clock time tracking method. If you are using or considering using the Kenjo Kiosk App toggle on the PIN Code or QR Code methods under Attendance > Settings > Attendance Policies > Time tracking methods.

By using those methods you can ensure that the start and end time as well as the break times will be actively recorded and therefore reflect the reality. Note that you should toggle off the permission to edit the time sheet management. In this way you can ensure that none of the recorded entries will be changed and therefore distort the reality.

Tip: Educate your employees to check in and out when they start / end their working day + check in / out for breaks when they actually take the breaks.

Set up Break Rules 

To ensure that the employees taking their breaks according to the law you can configure multiple break rules under Attendance > Settings > Attendance Policies > Reminders.

Set up the required break time for a specific working time period. You're employees will be reminded after the check out if they forgot to enter their break or the break time does not match the required break time. In this way you can support your employees to add their breaks accordingly to the German law and also ensure the compliance with the law.

Recommendations per section

Let’s have a look at all the other possible options to configure and their impact on compliance. We will go one by one over the setup options of the attendance policies:

Time tracking methods

  • Time sheet management (advanced)

Note: If you are letting your employee adding the time manually does not really reflect the reality.

  • Punch clock (recommended): Reflect the reality
  • Kiosk methods (recommended): Reflect the reality

Learn more about the different methods.

Location tracking

Does not really have an impact on being compliant but will help you to understand from which locations your employees started the check in / out.

Learn more about the location tracking feature.


  • Allow entries in the future (advanced)

Note: Adding entries in the future does not reflect the reality. We’re recommending using the punch clock feature to reflect the reality and be compliant


  • Daily limit break reminder (recommended)
    • Helps you to stay compliant with the several break rules in the working time law
    • Set up a trigger time (working time) and the expected break time
    • You can set up multiple break rules
    • We will remind your employees to add the break in the case they forgot it or the recorded break time is less than the expected due to you configuration

Learn more about the break reminder behavior

Shift rules

  • Check in limitation

NoteThis limit aims to restrict the check in before a certain time. In this case you are preventing your employees to check in in the real time which makes the tracking of the real check in impossible

See our recent webinar to get more insights about the legal rules for time tracking.

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