Advanced policy settings

Modified on Tue, 07 May 2024 at 08:53 AM

Learn what you can configure with the advanced settings for your attendance policy.

With the advanced settings you will be able to configure the following options:


Allow entries in the future: If selected, employees with time sheet management method and managers can edit and create future entries. Note: If time sheet management is not active only managers will be able to create future entries if they have the permission to edit attendance details of employees.


To ensure that the employees taking their breaks according to the law you can configure multiple break rules under Attendance > Settings > Attendance Policies > Reminders.

Set up the required break time for a specific working time period. You're employees will be reminded after the check out if they forgot to enter their break or the break time does not match the required break time. In this way you can support your employees to add their breaks accordingly to the German law and also ensure the compliance with the law.

Learn more about the break reminder behavior

Shift Rules

Maximum hours per day

Set up a daily hours limit: Limit employee hours per day. If exceeded the checkout time will be automatically adjusted in order to match the limit. Only admins can add hours beyond limit, so employees must contact admins if they exceed it.

Note: After the limit is reached employees wont be able to check in again from the punch clock methods.

Check in limitations 

Check in limitations only apply on fixed working schedules. Once you activated it you can choose between two options:

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