Attendance Conflicts

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Attendance conflicts are here to help you spot time entries of employees which are not aligning with the rules of the policies.

You can configure the option to show a conflict on the attendance policy level. Once activated we will highlight time entries with time tracking conflicts in the attendance summary and attendance details of your employees. In this way you can identify conflicts with ease and take respective actions. We will start with conflicts for max daily hours and required break time.

How to configure conflicts?

To configure the conflicts go to Attendance > Settings > Policies > Policy. 

Activate Conflicts for Maximum hours per day

To show a conflict when an employee tracked more time than you configured in the maximum daily hours rule go to shift rules and select the option “Show a conflict in the attendance time sheet” and click on “Save Changes”.

Once activated we do not block the employee from entering more than this time. Instead we allow the employee to track as much time as he wants but as soon as this value is exceeded we will flag the working with a conflict.

Activate Conflicts for required break time

To show a conflict when an employee tracked less break time than required go to break rules and select the option “Show a conflict in the attendance time sheet” and click on “Save Changes”.

Once activated we highlight this day with a conflict so that you can easily see that the required break time is not tracked.

Note: You can also decide to still use the break reminder alongside the conflict to remind the employee after the check out to enter the break time before we mark the day with a conflict.

Work with conflicts in the time sheets

Show conflicts in the attendance summary

We will highlight employees with conflicts in that month/week. In this way the manager, hr-admin or admin can filter for employees with conflicts and can review and find them with ease. To filter the list of employees simply click on the button in the top right hand corner “Employees with conflicts”. This will filter the list for you.

  • If you click on “go to conflicts” we will open the attendance details of the respective employee with activated conflict filter in in the attendance details

  • You can also open the attendance details with a right mouse click to go through the employees one by one

Note: You can also use a right mouse click to open the attendance details in a new tab to kind of edit the employees in bulk.

Please note that due to the current logic admins would not get conflicts in their own attendance details, as the attendance rules do not apply for them.

Show conflicts in the Employee Attendance Details

You and your employees can see which days have conflicts. You/your employee can filter for those days by clicking the button in the top right hand corner ”Days with conflicts”. 

By clicking on the conflict chip we will show a pop up explaining the conflicts. You can resolve the conflicts by editing the time entry accordingly e.g. adding a break to meet the requirement. If your employee has edit rights he is also able to resolve the conflicts by editing the time entry.

Approve and Ignore Time Entries with conflicts

We added a new permission to ignore conflicts. This is closely aligned with the approve permission so that only admins and mangers can ignore conflicts while employees are not allowed to. 

User who have the permission to ignore conflicts they see the button to ignore conflicts. Once a conflict is ignored we will not show it anymore. We will add to the time tracking history that the conflict was ignored. If the time entry gets changed after the conflict was ignored we will raise a conflict again if it is applicable. 

Note: You can only approve entries in bulk that do not have a conflict or more specifically only entries of employees who do not have a day with a conflict at all. We decided to not let the user ignore conflicts in bulk, as it is a sensitive topic and the user should review them one by one really carefully.

On single entries he has the option to approve and ignore in the same time.

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